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Four Winds is an arts organisation renowned for presenting and producing leading national and international musicians and experiences in a pristine natural environment – thirty acres of bushland at Bermagui on the stunning Far South Coast of NSW, Australia.

The experience at Four Winds is one in which the music and the audience are immersed in nature.

Having held its very first concert on the natural amphitheatre bushland site in April 1991, attracting an audience of 200 people, Four Winds has since captured the hearts and minds of composers, musicians and audiences near and far, bringing thousands of people through the site annually.

The natural bush amphitheatre was transformed in 2014 with the expertise and vision of architects Phillip Cox and Clinton Murray. The 2,000-person capacity outdoor Sound Shell was developed to create a stunning outdoor performance space; the 180-seat Windsong Pavilion, a reflection of the surrounding spotted gum forest, boasts an extraordinary acoustic experience in which sound is gently circulated around the purpose built panels to delight musicians and audience alike.

The Windsong Pavilion operates as a highly sought-after, recording venue and Four Winds has undertaken the development of a significant Native Species Arboretum in conjunction with Landcare Australia. Four Winds has a clear vision and commitment to foster community engagement, nature conservation, and to strengthen partnerships with the Yuin Nation’s local aboriginal communities.

These permanent facilities have enabled Four Winds to grow to present a rich annual program comprising orchestral concerts, intimate performances, community events, artist residencies, music education programs including mentorships, and live-streaming digital events.

Today thousands of music lovers come to be cocooned in Natures Concert hall, enveloped in music, sharing the experience with friends and family, and enjoying the local food and wines.

Four Winds continues to blossom, giving musicians and audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in music and nature, to celebrate the creative life. Four Winds continues to encourage and support creative people of all ages and ultimately inspire all who join in this experience.

The cultural heart that is Four Winds invites all to immerse themselves in music and nature and emerge transformed.







Four Winds has a clear vision and commitment to foster community engagement, nature conservation, and to strengthen partnerships with the Yuin Nation’s local aboriginal communities.

Four Winds Audience Musings

The ethos of the Four Winds festival is the epitome of the best of regional areas with its commitment to artistic excellence and to nurturing a regional musical culture, especially among young people. Combined with a genuine partnership with Aboriginal custodians the artistic vision is deeply embedded in the profoundly beautiful local environment.

There is something rare and important about Four Winds. Nature and music combine in a way that is somehow instilled with a wonderful serenity through the power of music to comfort and unite us.

We can absorb the wonder of music from all reaches of the planet gathered in our small town, always with performances of inspiring imagination and collaboration. It lifts us all, every time.

Four Winds is a fabulous example of partnerships and passion that nurture a community and sustain a future for musicians and audiences alike.

Hearing and playing music in this environment, which is a total sensory experience, makes every drop of music a rare and beautiful thing and it reminds us why we are alive.

Four Winds brings a diverse range of high quality music and performance to the South Coast, that we would not get any other way. It is also important as it works closely with the local community during the year and particularly the aboriginal community to provide amazing opportunities for kids and adults.

I would close my eyes and hear the music around me then I could sense a gentle breeze, my senses are heightened, what a sublime experience!

Between the Four Winds site and its surrounds, it is the perfect creative space for music making; both as a musician and composer, it’s the ideal environment to develop your skills and ideas.

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Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen 9th and 10th January, 2021 The 2021 Easter Festival 02-04 April, 2021 WIND DOWN TO CHRISTMAS 19th December, 2020

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